Common Questions

Why do you need my credit card if it’s a free trial?
We need your billing information to reduce fraud and verify you have a valid credit card should you upgrade, keep your account open, or order any paid products such as tenant screening or automatic rent collections. This will also prevent any interruption in service Can I cancel anytime? Absolutely. You can cancel your account whenever you'd like and your credit card will no longer be billed.
How am I billed?
Billing occurs monthly based on the day of the month you sign up.
Where is my data stored?
All data is hosted by, a world-class data network with data centers. Your data is backed up daily and is available 100% of the time.
Is my my data secure?
Absolutely, yes. During purchase, your data is encrypted and protected by Paypal, our US-based payment processor, and verified by Verisign. When you're logged in and using Property Manager Cloud, your data is also encrypted and secured. In both cases, the site uses 256-bit SSL technology, the same as banks and other secured websites, to ensure your data is not intercepted during transmission.
Can I upgrade my plan?
Yes. At any time just select the new plan and your card will be billed the new amount on the next billing cycle. When you login your account will reflect the new tenant and property limits you have purchased.