About us | Online Real Estate Property Management Software

Our team

Rental property owners and former property
managers make up our client support team.

The software was designed by a housing provider/real estate investor.

We have a tradition of exceptional customer service with tenant screening
support that dates back to the nineties.

Property Manager Cloud
is a company with:

To provide you with all the resources you need in one program! You will post your vacancies with the flip of a switch. You’ll use the online rental application which can then be used seamlessly to screen tenants. Also, you will create lease agreements and addendums with a powerful document manager. You’ll have the power to keep track of rental payments, work orders, and accounting at your fingertips.
To equip you for the business of providing housing for others so that you are more profitable and enjoy the process more! We make “passive income” much more passive because we automate multiple processes for you.
To provide intuitive software with top-notch customer service.
World View
To support a strong belief in Biblical principles and individual responsibility. We are taxpayers for less government who also support the U.S. Constitution as originally intended.
Political Agenda
Through competition and innovation, we housing providers are able to create and maintain the best housing options for the greatest number of housing consumers. Therefore, we advocate for free-market economics in the rental housing industry.

Financial Goals for Its Clients

To provide a program that will help you make and/or keep more money than ever before
so that you can retire and leave a legacy for your loved ones.